warmth. joy. humanity

Are three things that attract us to start surfing in these non-static beautiful waves; called internet. Inspired by the warmth of ginger / jahe (Indonesian); and the joy that contained in a jar of cookies / kuweh (old Indonesian spelling style), we build kuwé jahé bit by bit, ounce by ounce.
Those ounces are brought by two creatures in this team, Agatha and Christian; who currently live in Java Island, Indonesia.



Agatha Astari currently lives in Jakarta, the heart of Indonesia. She’s studying about design and learning about writing.

She loves the ambience of countryside, the smell of burning woodfire, and tearing the “tear here” parts of  packagings.

She adores Japanese and Javanese culture very much, especially after she found out that they influenced each others during the Batavia era.



Christian Gautama is a civil engineering student who currently stays in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

He is a big fan of games, John Grisham, A Song of Ice and Fire, and Japanese pop culture.

He has two dogs; Shadow and Vodka. People may mistake him as Caesar Milan’s assistant, since dogs (and cats) love to be around him too.

We love to meet and write about inspiring people from any kind of profession, accent, hair color, shoe size, living area, or anything! (read some writings that we’ve made).

Our little team will also be really glad to read letters from you. Unfortunately, we haven’t had any real mailbox to keep them. So you can send the digital ones to:

If you’re also interested in Instagram-playing, please kindly check ours too! 🙂

Finally, we hope you’re enjoying kuwé jahé, as much as we enjoy building it.