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What is kuwé jahé about?

#1 The Neat Version:

kuwé jahé was inspired by the warmth of ginger / jahe (Indonesian); and the joy that contained in a jar of cookies / kuweh (old Indonesian spelling style). The aim is to meet and write about inspiring people from any kind of profession, accent, hair color, shoe size, living area, or anything! 🙂 (read some writings that we’ve made).

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#2 The More Personal Version:

Hey! Nice to meet you. I’m AA, the girl who started kuwé jahé.

I was brave enough to start this project in 2016 because my amazing friends–Mahendra Nazar, Mahesa Hoesain, and Raden Mas Dira–encouraged me to do so. I agreed to the idea, and I asked someone to be my partner in managing kuwé jahé.

We started blogging for the first time in August 2016. The main goal of kuwé jahé at that time was to interview an inspiring person once a month, and post Instagram pictures every week. Everything was scheduled and planned carefully. I still remember that back in those days, I would create the monthly schedule on Ms. Excel while sitting at the campus cafetaria 🙂

A few months later, all the plans and strategies that we carefully arranged for kuwé jahé somehow turned into our boundaries. The spirit and commitment began to decrease, and I had some personal issues that really brought me down. We then decided to have a hiatus for more than six months.

During the hiatus, I was really scared to log into kuwé jahé’s social media accounts. The more I postpone this project, the more pressure I put to myself.

The procrastination finally ended in the end of 2017. In the middle of my busy-final-project-preparation, I suddenly felt the urge to continue kuwé jahé again. Except for this time, I decide to do this on my own.

By taking that decision, I can see that kuwé jahé has stronger purpose that worth to be fight for. The aim isn’t to gain hundreds of followers, or to get the world read my writing. Of course I want you guys to read the stories and appreciate this project. However, there has to be something deeper to fuel this project, and here it is:

It’s because kuwé jahé helps me to survive my life.

In kuwé jahé, I have this authority to pick my favorite things / people / story from my life and make a writing about them. I only choose the ones that really move me, and usually find them by coincidence (or fate, if you prefer). By finding things that I really like, I also find pieces of who I truly am. By being inspired by people, I also grow to be a better person.

Life can get rough, and kuwé jahé is my personal reminder to see the beauty in a chaos. Right now, I don’t make schedule anymore, and everything will be posted when it should be. However, I’m still trying to make an update once a month (fingers crossed) 🙂

#3 Another TMI stuff Fun Facts:

  • I try not to mention my real name in this project, because I don’t want kuwé jahé to be too much about me.
  • It’s still kinda tricky for me to define the line between my personal matter and kuwé jahé’s, especially in Instagram. I’m still trying to figure it out.
  • I believe that everything will find its pattern, in its own time. I also believe that once you start seeing patterns in your everyday life, you’ll get to see it everywhere.

Whoah! Congratulations, you’ve managed to read this far!

Thank you for being here, and thank you for reading kuwé jahé! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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